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High-productivity & Versatile UV-LED Inkjet Printer

The LPS330 printer is an innovative, versatile, and cost-effective UV-LED inkjet printer for short and medium run jobs. The highly engineered and compact design of the LPS330 printer integrates the functions required for packaging and specialty labels, industrial decorations, and variable data printing applications.
UV inkjet technology means less material pre-treatment and less post-print coating work is needed compared with other technologies, such as flexography, gravure, screen printing, and water-based inkjet printing. The LPS330 printer will be the right choice for you to respond to the increasing demands for personalized and custom printing, and sample printing.

  • Single-Pass Printing
  • 3D Effects Printing
  • Varnish Printing
  • Short & Medium Run Printing
  • Variable Data Printing (VDP)
  • Personalized and Custom Applications


Offers versatile and powerful sheet or roll solutions for rigid, flexible, thick or thin substrates
As an all-in-one printer, the LPS330 printer has all the tools you need to enter the world of digital printing. You will achieve impressive and professional results while handling short and medium run jobs quickly and efficiently. The LPS330 printer offers a wider range of printing solutions to you, and also provides just-in-time production to meet tight delivery time.
Scanning and single-pass inkjet printing technology will be achieved on the same LPS330 printer. You will not only enjoy photographic image quality from scanning technology, but also obtain short run production speed from single-pass technology.

For table printing mode, the LPS330 printer uses scanning or single-pass inkjet printing technology on rigid substrates with the size of up to 1200 mm × 350 mm and the maximum thickness of 50 mm. Templates for special items, such as stationery, cards, gifts, and novelties, are supported.
Table printing mode:
  • Maximum print zone:
    1100 mm × 330 mm (Scanning)
    1100 mm × 324 mm (Single-pass)
  • Vacuum table size: 1200 mm × 350 mm
  • Maximum Z-axis height: 50 mm
For roll-to-roll table printing mode, the LPS330 printer is the innovative combination of common scanning printing technology and web press technology. The LPS330 printer allows you to produce eye-catching, distinctive prints for a wide variety of applications.
Roll-to-roll table printing mode:
  • Scanning printing available
  • Roll feeding page by page with the length of 1100 mm
  • Vacuum table size: 1200 mm × 350 mm
  • Maximum print width: 330 mm
  • Maximum print length: roll length
For continuous printing mode, the LPS330 printer uses single-pass inkjet printing technology with the linear speed of up to 75 m/ min. The LPS330 printer is suitable for finishing or coding & marking printing with varnish or black ink on pre-printed rolls.
Continuous printing mode:
  • Single-pass printing available
  • Continuous roll feeding
  • Maximum print width: 324 mm
  • Maximum print length: roll length

Variable Data Printing
The LPS330 printer seamlessly works with the MagicPage VDP software for monochrome and color variable data printing (VDP). Several types of variable data, such as text, dates, times, graphics, logos, serial numbers, barcodes, MICR Fonts, and photo images, can be printed out whether using scanning or single-pass inkjet printing technology.


3D printing realizes valuable and creative applications
Finishing & embossed effects. 3D printing enables you to create remarkably rich and special effects ranging from gloss and matted finishes for overall or only appealing parts, to texture or embossed effects. The Z-axis height adjustable mechanism is capable of changing the distances between print heads and top ink layer by dynamically adjusting the height of carriage while printing. The LPS330 printer also supports to build up raised ink layers on a wide range of thick substrates.
Braille printing. The LPS330 printer offers Braille printing on a variety of substrates, from papers to folding cartons of up to 500gsm. With the ability to print high-adherence and easy-to-sense Braille letters, the LPS330 printer is an ideal Braille printing solution for specialty labels, packaging, and commercial applications, especially for printing Braille on pharmaceutical boxes and specialty labels to describe medicine names and dosages.

Embossed effects on folding cartons with varnish ink
Multiple layers built up to form a red fish with embossed effects Texture effects with CMYK inks and White ink Braille dots on a pharmaceutical box printed with Varnish Embossed effects on award plaques aised tactile guide/ warning sign using UV curable ink

Achieve consistent and brilliant color reproduction
Compliance with ICC.
The LPS330 printer is compatible with ICC color management workflow. It guarantees excellent print quality and high efficiency with exquisite and consistent color.
Logos & recognizing colors printing. The LPS330 printer enables you to print spot colors with combinations of 4 or 6 process inks, or with spot inks. It helps you to meet even the most stringent corporate brand requirements while printing corporate logos and recognizing colors.
Perfect white color printing. The White Printing feature including Under-Printing and Over-Printing offers the perfect solid and opaque white ink layers on transparent films and metallic substrates. High quality images without white stitch lines can be obtained thanks to the Choke feature in the ColorPRINT RIP software.


Comprehensive technologies offer high-quality outputs

High print resolution. The LPS330 printer is equipped with long-life print heads featuring the resolution of 600 dpi. Smaller drops can be printed in order to reproduce crisp small point size texts, as well as sharp, clear, and easy-to-read barcodes.
VDS control technology. Amica’s proprietary VDS (Variable Droplet Size) control technology supports multi-level droplet size printing to create sharp images with finest details of graphical elements, smoother gradients and soft skin tones.
Precise head positioning. The LPS330 printer has the ability to accurately position multiple print heads by embedded Wizard and Head Alignment Patterns. Head alignment compensation algorithm makes further efforts to eliminate the influence of inevitable physical position errors.
Print head maintenance. Based on an all-in-one design concept, the small and compact Print Head Maintenance Module allows automatic purging, wiping and capping for convenient unattended operation.

Variable Droplet Size Control

Print Head Calibration
Double-inlet bulk tank with a liquid level sensor is easily used for adding ink and alarming for the shortage of ink. Active Negative Pressure System ensures high-quality printing at higher firing frequency. Vacuum table keeps media stationary for accurate color registration.



Print technology DOD piezoelectric inkjet technologya
Printing modes Table printing: scanning or single-pass printing technology
Roll-to-roll table printing: scanning printing technology
Continuous printing: single-pass printing technology
Curing Equipment UV-LED lamps
Ink type UV curable ink
Colors ( CMYK ) × 3; ( CMYK + V/ W/ Spot ) × 3; ( CMYK + V/ W/ Spot + V/ W/ Spot ) × 3; up to 8 ink channels
Ink tank volume 3L per color
Number of print heads Up to 12 print heads
Substrate type Table printing: folding cartons, PVC, wood, glass, foam board, acrylic, tile, metal, plywood, plastic, etc.
Roll-to-roll table printing and continuous printing: self-adhesive label stock, paper, films, etc.
Substrate thickness Up to 50 mm
Unwinder capacity (Max.) Rolls: 25 kg weight/ 600 mm diameter with 76.2 mm inner core
(55.1 lbs weight/ 23.6 inches diameter with 3 inches inner core)
Rolls with diameters of more than 600 mm can be optionally supported.
Table size (W × D) 1200 mm × 350 mm (47.2 inches × 13.8 inches)
Max. print zone Table printing mode (W × D): 1100 mm × 330 mm (43.3 inches × 13 inches)  (Scanning)
1100 mm × 324 mm (43.3 inches × 12.8 inches) (Single-pass)
Roll-to-roll printing table mode (Width): up to 330 mm (13 inches)
Continuous printing mode (Width):  up to 324 mm (12.8 inches)
Dimensions (W × D × H) 3200 mm × 900 mm × 1593 mm (126.0 inches × 35.4 inches × 62.7 inches)
Environment requirements 18-28°C (64-82°F); 40-60% (Recommended)
Power requirements Frequency 50/60Hz; Voltage 230V±10%; Power 6.6KW/ 30A
Optional equipment PC Intel 4 Core i7, 16 GB dual-channel, 500 G
User interface Printer Control Software (PCS)
Software ColorPRINT RIP Software; MagicPage VDP Software
Connectivity PCIe card; Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit/s)



Packaging and Specialty Labels
  • Special food and beverage
  • Body and health care
  • Household chemical
  • Industrial and security labels
  • Electronics and automotive labels
  • Stationery and toys
  • Novelties and gifts
  • Control panels and electronics
  • Cards
  • Award plaques
Variable Data Printing
  • Tickets and envelopes
  • Transpromos
  • Lotteries/ bingos
  • Security printing
  • Business forms