Digital Textile/ DTG Printers


TS1519 is the latest and fastest direct-to-garment inkjet printer. As the revolutionary alternative to expensive screen printing and thermal transfer, direct-to-garment printing is the most economical garment decoration solution.


The XB18 printer is an industrial high-speed inkjet printer for economic, efficient, and eco-friendly textile printing. In comparison with traditional textile printing technology, the XB18 printer has no limits for the number of colors, no needs for making screens or cylinders, no work for color separations, no requirement for minimum print run, and the ability to easily print complex designs.


Taking full account of the characteristics and dimensional stability of textile substrates, Amica designs and manufactures the direct-to-fabric inkjet printer, CR33. From ink supply system, platen with a trough, media feeding system, to drying system, the CR33 printer is tailored to printing with water-based dye or pigment inks onto a wide variety of textile substrates, especially on polyester and open-weave fabrics.