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Sheet-fed UV Inkjet System
Expand your business with the flexibility for variable data printing (VDP) 

Utilizing over 20 years experience and technologies in industrial graphics processing and industrial inkjet printing, Amica successfully launches industrial inkjet press based on DOD print technology. Taurus is a high-performance monochrome sheet-fed inkjet system for variable data printing (VDP), combining proven quality, versatility, and intelligent automation to maintain the highest possible productivity.

Accompanied by the continual and sharp increase for personalized and customized application, the production needs of variable data printing also drastically increase. Taurus offers a comprehensive solution for VDP, including control software, variable data software, transport and inkjet printing system. Taurus will be the best complement of your existing production lines, which will help you provide your customers with value-added variable data printing service. Streamlined workflow makes it easy, efficient and fast for your operators to finish high-quality jobs with variable data. Investing in Taurus will be the most economic, simplest, and fastest method for you to obtain the capability of variable data printing.

  • Plug & Play System
  • Outstanding print quality (600 × 600 DPI)
  • Very attractive price & low ink costs
  • Up to 50m/ min.

Expand your business with value-added variable data printing (VDP)
Based on your existing traditional printing production lines, the Taurus variable data inkjet system easily helps you obtain the capability of variable data printing. Taurus utilizes off-line printing method. According to your customer’s demand, you can print variable data on the substrates on which fixed content is pre-printed. Supported variable data includes graphics, images, numbers, dates, times, barcodes, serial numbers and texts. Taurus enables you to win more chances of profit by extending the types of your acceptable printing jobs and enhancing the production adaptability.

Pre-printed Materials with Fixed Content                     Prints with Variable Data


Freely adjust print location

Taurus offers significant flexibility for your printing production. Taurus is equipped with 1 or 2 independent head modules with a print width of 54mm. By moving mounting positions of these two head modules on the print support, you can adjust the actual locations of printing for variable data to meet the unique demand of  each job.
Print Head Modules Mounted on Supports

Widest media range
Taurus enables you to easily obtain high-quality and unique prints with variable data using art paper, recycled paper, glossy stock, PVC, direct mail pieces, synthetic substrates, paperboard for folding cartons, flat chipboards, corrugated cartons and so on. Taurus prints on substrates up to 4.8 mm thick. For substrate size supported, see the diagrams below. 

Single Sheet Size Supported (Standard) Single Sheet Size Supported (Option)


  • Easy to operate with vacuum based transport
  • Robust friction feeder can be quickly and easily adjusted to accommodate a wide range of substrates with different sizes
  • Equipped with 457mm wide perforated vacuum belt
  • UV-LED curing system suitable for heat-sensitive substrates
Vacuum Based Transport Friction Feeder Wide Infeed Perforated Belt UV-LED Curing System


Efficient Workflows
As a comprehensive monochrome VDP inkjet printing system, Taurus works seamlessly with MagicPage and PCS Pro to achieve efficient VDP workflow.


Unique Variable Data Printing Software - MagicPage

  • Supports various types of objects, such as text, dates, times, graphics, barcodes, 2D codes, and photo images
  • Customized template and layout design
  • Extensive field-editing tools for large quantity  of variable data and static text
  • Supports multiple data source files for variable data, including .CSV, .XLS, .XLSX, .TXT and .VDB files
  • Real-time and intuitive RIP output preview
  • Embedded barcode, serial number and MICR maps


User-friendly PCS Pro Enhancing Productivity

  • Specifically customized for variable data printing of single-pass inkjet printing system
  • User-friendly and graphical interface
  • Remote printer control, printing parameters setting, and printer status monitoring
  • Easy operation and maintenance of the printer
  • Embedded test patterns for nozzle check and head alignment




Print Productivity  50m/min. (164ft/ min.) 
Print Resolution  600 × 600dpi, 600 × 450dpi, or 600 × 300dpi
Print Head  Print head native resolution: 600dpi
 Native drop volume: 7pl-21pl with grayscale
 Head power management
 Head temperature controller 
Media  Handling: sheet-fed
 Media size (Standard): W 76mm (2.99 inches) × L 101mm (3.98 inches) (min.)
                                          W 355mm (13.98 inches) × L 305mm (12 inches) (max.) 
 Media size (Option): W 50mm (1.97 inches) × L 101mm (3.98 inches) (min.)   
                                      W 355mm (13.98 inches) × L 305mm (12 inches) (max.) 
 Media thickness: min 90grs to 4.8mm (0.19 inches) thickness
 Media types: Wide range of coated and uncoated substrates, 
                        including paper, glossy stock, PVC, and plastic cards
Printing  Print technology: DOD piezo electric inkjet technology
 Print width: Up to 54mm (2.13 inches) per print head
 Print Type: Text, serial numbers, barcodes, dates, time, etc.
Ink  Ink type: UV curable ink, water-based ink (Option)
 Ink colors: Monochrome (black, single, or spot color)
 Ink volume: 1L ink reservoir
 Automatic ink supply system
 Automatic alarm signaling ink shortage
 L 2550mm  × W 1500mm × H 850mm
 (L 100.39 inches  × W 59.06 inches  × H 33.46 inches) 
 (Height: exclusive monitor stand)



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