CS19 / CS26 / CS33


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CS19 / CS26 / CS33
Wide-format Solvent Inkjet Printer

The CS series printers are available in three model sizes—1.9m, 2.6m and 3.3m (75 inches, 102 inches and 130 inches) —enabling users to select the system that best fits their target applications and markets.

Heavy and sturdy uni-body frame structure and precision aluminum alloy profile beam are designed for high speed and high resolution printing, excellent for industrial use. 

100% Proprietary Technologies

  • ColorPRINT RIP Software
  • NuviJET Printer Control System
  • Precision Mechanical Design
  • Multiple-discipline Technology Integration

Customize to Meet OEMs Unique Requirements

  • Flexible Print Head Configuration
  • Active or Passive Pressure Ink Supply
  • Solvent and ECO- solvent Ink


1) Triple-heating System with Temperature Indicator; Intuitive display and control software; Negative Pressure Display

2) Silent linear guide and linear guide girder for precision printing and operating comfort; Adjustable platen level for accurate printing. Platen with vacuum and pinch roller for precise media feeding.

3) High precision printhead plate assembly ensures printheads precision and reliability.

4) Active Negative Pressure System with digital control pressure display gauges ensures high-quality printing at higher possible firing frequency of inkjet printing with industrial piezo printhead.

5) High performance and long life AC Servo Motor and linear encoder accurately control movement at X-axis. High precision rotary encoder to ensure accurate media feeding

6) Color LCD Smart Panel provides real time sensor and printer status information and offline printer control. Localized to English, Chinese.

7)  Automatic media release and take-up system. Front and back tension control bars to maintain media feeding straightness.

8) The twin un-wind rollers are adopted for media release.

9) 3 Liters main ink tank and waste ink tank with level sensors

10) Advanced High Speed Embedded Printer Controller enables faster jetting motion control.


   Printer Model    CS19    CS26    CS33
   MAX. PRINTING WIDTH    1.9m (75 inches)    2.6m (102 inches)    3.3m (130 inches)
   MAX MEDIA WIDTH    1.9m (75 inches)    2.6m (102 inches)    3.3m (130 inches)
   WEIGHT    800 KG    900 KG    1000 KG
   ASSEMBLED DIM. (mm)    3700 W, 1000 D, 1500 H    4400 W, 1000 D, 1500 H    5100 W, 1000 D, 1500 H
   SHIPPING DIM. (mm)    4200 W, 1120 D, 2000 H    5000 W, 1120 D, 2000 H    5600 W, 1120 D, 2000 H

POWER PLUG :  Computer equipment plug (CE cert)
POWER SUPPLY : Single phase 220V +- 10% (50/60Hz, AC)
MEDIA HANDLING : Roll to roll, automatic release/take-up
WORKING ENVIRONMENT :  Temperature 20 to 30°C (78-86°F); Humidity between 40-70% (Recommended)
INKS : Solvent / Mild Solvent
PRINT MODE : Uni and Bi-direction
INK SUPPLY : Automatic
RIP & CONTROL SOFTWARE :  ColorPRINT PS RIP, Printer Control Software
CLEANING SYSTEM : Positive purge each or all ink channels;  Adjustable height capping station
INK TRAIN :  Active Negative Pressure System
PRINT HEADS :  DOD piezo electric;  Automatic voltage and temperature control 

   Optional Configurations
CS series printers with two cooling fan bars CS series printers with one cooling fan bar plus one heating fan bar CS series printers with single un-wind roller   CS series printers with stable    appearance


  • Billboards
  • Signs
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Building Wraps
  • POP displays
  • Exhibition Panels