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Large - format UV-LED Curing Flatbed Inkjet Printer

Amica offers comprehensive solutions for industrial inkjet printing, from professional ColorPRINT RIP software, Printer Control Software, and NuviJET control systems, to large-format UV-LED Curing flatbed inkjet printers.

As the latest generation of inkjet printers using high performance UV-LED curing lamps and two cooling fans, CFL1914 is a dedicated flatbed printer aimed to print on large-format sheets or boards, up to the thickness of 50mm, for indoor and outdoor applications. CFL1914 enables users to directly print exceptional images on a wide range of rigid uncoated substrates, especially including uneven or irregular materials.

White ink support creates new possibilities for printing on transparent and colored media to shorten lead time, expand capabilities and business, and maximize revenue potential.


Benefits of UV-LED Curing

  • UV-LED technology has significant advantages in energy usage, reduced heat load to the substrate, smaller equipment footprint. UV-LED lamps can safely irradiate on heat sensitive media, including foam board, foils, PVC. Using UV-LED lamps, a smaller equipment footprint can be used for stable and reliable printing. UV-LED lamps have a long life cycle for consistent print quality.
  • UV-LED technology is a true earth friendly solution that does not require the use of mercury and produces no ozone. UV-LED lamps do not emit UVC rays and there is no risk in bulbs breaking.
  • UV-LED lamps have instant On/Off capability so that printing and curing are synchronized efficiently.

High Productivity for Industrial-level Applications

  • With the help of a microprocessor, an Active Negative Pressure System ensures high-quality printing at the higher firing frequencies necessary for industrial piezo ink jet head.
  • With the UV-LED curing technology, the environment-friendly UV curable inks are immediately cured and dried when printing.
  • The Z-axis height adjust mechanism can automatically move the height of the print heads for best printing distances between nozzles and media. 
◎ Color LCD Smart Panel provides printer status information and offline printer control ◎ The double-inlet bulk ink tank with a liquid level sensor is easily used for adding ink and alarm for the shortage of ink.


The vacuum table is divided into two zones that can be separately activated  to fit for the media size.

◎ CFL1914 is equipped with dual high performance UV-LED lamps and two cooling fans, enabling high speed,      bi-directional printing.  ◎ Silent linear guide for  precision printing and operating  comfort.

Superior White Ink Printing Expands Capabilities and Business
Printing with the high density white ink, CFL1914 offers bright and vivid colors on transparent or colored media. Thanks to the separate white ink circulation system, CFL1914 easily keeps the white ink well mixed at all times for consistent and reliable printing.

Coming with the professional ColorPRINT RIP, CFL1914 enables over-printing for backlit applications on transparent materials, under-printing for colored materials, printing white out of images, and printing white as a spot color.

Comprehensive Technologies Deliver Outstanding Image Quality

  • The two-zoned vacuum table keeps media stationary with one or two vacuum systems,ensuring accurate color registration even when printing multiple passes and bi-direction printing.
  • Generates outstanding image quality with CMYK plus White, up to 1200 x 900 dpi.
  • Working seamlessly with the professional ColorPRINT RIP software, CFL1914 produces vivid colors and fine details with ColorPRINT's enhanced color management and state-of-the-art raster image process technology to grab viewers' attention.
  • Proprietary VDS (Variable Droplet Size) control technology integrates the print head control of multi-levels size with the ColorPRINT RIP software for producing sharp images with smoother gradient.


   Printer Model    CFL1914
   Max. Printing Area Size (W x D)    1900mm x 1440mm (74.8” x 56.7”)
   Table Size (W x D)    2000mm x 1540mm (78.7” x 60.6”)
   Max. Media Weight    70kg (155lbs)
   Weight    1100kg
   Assembled Dimension (W x D x H)    3750mm x 2250mm x 1450mm (147.6’’ x 88.5’’ x 57.1’’ )

Ink System

  • UV curable C, M, Y, K inks, 3L main ink tank for each color
  • UV curable white ink (Optional)
  • Varnish (Optional)
  • Automatic Ink Supply System
  • Active Negative Pressure System

Print System

  • DOD piezo electric grayscale print heads, automatic voltage and temperature control
  • Dual UV-LED Lamps with two cooling fans


  • All popular desktop file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS and DCS

Operational Environment

  • Temperature: 20 to 30°C (78-86°F)
  • Humidity: between 40-70%(Recommended)
  • Electrical: Single phase 220V +- 10% (50/60Hz, AC); 14 Amps Maximum; 3KW

Media Type

  • Rigid sheet or board up to 50mm (1.96’’) thick
  • Rigid PVC sheet, Wood, Glass, Foam Board, Acrylic, Tile, Metal, Plywood, Corrugated Plastic

User Interface

  • Control Panel with Color LCD display panel
  • Printer Control Software (PCS)


  • High speed USB 2.0 interface 





POP Displays

Indoor and Outdoor Signage

Exhibition Graphics

Display Graphics